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Welcome to the Silverfox Pictures Archive!

The Silverfox Pictures Archive

Home to 64,983 photos of beautiful older men.
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About the archives

The Silverfox Pictures Archive is a large collection of material related to older men, made freely available for the enjoyment of those who admire them. It includes adult male nudity and homosexually-themed stories, so continue only if that's what you want. :)

To get an idea of what it's all about, you can view this small sample of the collection.

The sections of the archives are:

New This section contains archives of the latest additions, organized by date, so you can use it to catch up on what's new.
Pix This is the bulk of the collection. It's divided into numerous subcategories.
Galleries These are collections of photos of the same individual(s), with contact information for each.
Videos This section contains videos involving older men and stills from videos which are for sale.
Stories This section contains stories about older men.

You can get an overview of the site in the site tree, and if you know the name of a particular image you're looking for, you can find it in the alphabetical lists of pictures.

Getting a password for the archives

Access to the silverfox pictures archives is free. In order to keep bandwidth costs down, we require that you create a username and password for yourself at

If you have any problems, please see the frequently asked questions.