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fred_nyc is 70 (as of 2006), 5'10", 185 lbs, living in the bronx. he's looking for friends and prefers men from 30 on up.

he has thinning salt and pepper hair and blue eyes, and is hiv negative. good looking (so he's told), romantic (so he's told), and intelligent (he knows). he tends to be a bottom and is looking for top/versatile men with a working pulse. a sense of humor in a partner is a #1 priority. facial hair is a turn-off, but good-looking sex buddies have been known to get a pass. fred is a retired systems analyst, likes the new york times, the yankees, npr, pbs, travel, music (classical/jazz/broadway), reading, and all the bites of the big apple he can afford.

he can be reached at

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