Lessons in Love

by scass3254@aol.com

        Bill Harmond was sweating profusely even though he had the air-conditioning on high. Nervously, he adjusted the safety belt trying to get comfortable as the car sped along the highway. His large hands gripped the steering wheel tightly and the wedding ring on his finger a reminder of where he was going and what he was about to do. His mouth was dry and he took a mint and wondered if he was doing the right thing. He had been married for twenty-five years and most people believed happily. So why was he now racing down a highway towards a motel to meet a man that he had never met?  A man that he corresponded with on the web. The fear that he felt matched his excitement as he hurried towards his destination. Bill thought about turning back a few times and dismissed the idea quickly. Something within him demanded to know that what he had been suppressing for all these years and had now surfaced  was true. He had a headache and the words pounded in his brain, "was he gay, was he gay?' and he needed to find out for himself.

    He rubbed the shiny gold of his wedding ring and then looked in the rear view mirror at himself. Guilt wasn't written all over his face but lust and desire were. He'd speak to the crusty old priest on Saturday at confession and see what he'd have to say when he told him where he went and what he did. He imagined the absolution that would await him. He laughed to himself and his belly moved up and down on the safety belt. Over the years he believed his weight gain was due to his quitting cigarettes but he also knew that he had a prodigious appetite and loved desserts. He was still a handsome man although his wife had not told him that or anything complementary in years. He couldn't remember the last time that she said she loved him. His face was unlined and his green eyes sparked with mischief. His gray hair was cut short and he was growing a beard to cover his double chin. His wife hated it and the more she complained the longer he let the beard grow. He believed it added character to his face and most people liked his new look.

    The last ten years of his marriage had been sexless. How did it happen? It was a question that he asked himself over and over and didn't have any answers. Was it him? Was she ill? She had shut him down and when he calmly asked why, she said that sex was no longer important in her life. But it was to him and he suggested they go to a sex therapist. When she refused and told him that he was too old to be thinking about sex, the anger, shouting and slamming of doors occurred. Within the month she had moved out of the bedroom that they had shared for all of their married life. Now, they lived in a house without love. They were sharing a space like roommates and in time his feeling for her vanished like magic smoke. He was ashamed, afraid to tell anybody what had happened to him, but he soon discovered that he wasn't unique. He learned there was an army of men out there just like him whose wives had turned them off.

    Did it first start when the firm that he worked for was taken over and he was out of a job? He had been a chief financial officer one day and on the unemployment line the next. It was a rude awakening for Bill who thought that they would flock to his door, clamoring for his skills and the job offers would come pouring in.  He quickly learned that he was fifty seven years old and nobody wanted him. The economy was soft and businesses were looking for younger men at half the salary he was getting. Suddenly his wife was the bread winner and he felt emasculated and dejected. it was a blow to his ego and he suffered bouts of depression and stayed home, cooked dinners, ran errands and sulked.

    One day, Bill walked into his daughter's room and uncovered the computer that she had left behind when she moved to the coast. He retreated to his den with a do not disturb sign and began to use it. Like most first time users, he discovered the glories of the internet that all beginners discover, pornography.  Sexually starved, he spent hours exploring sites looking at naked women. Somehow he never was satisfied. One evening after the wife had gone to bed, he hit a gay site for older men. Most of the sites that he looked at were for the young and beautiful. He didn't like narcissistic twinks or buffed up gym rats, but this site was different. This site catered to and revered the senior male. Pictures of mature men with meat on their bones flashed onto the screen. Some were fat, others merely stout or portly,  Explicit sexual poses of chubby men copulating excited him and he found himself getting an erection; something that had not happened to him when he looked at the female anatomy. As a kid growing up, he and his friends had their cock sucked by an old man in the neighborhood. It was something they did when they were seeking adventure from boredom. Bill had found it thrilling but never admitted that he liked it, lest his friends think that he was gay. Bill went back often without telling them that he was going. Then it was experimentation, a time to be young and wild and he dismissed it. Over the years, he often thought of that sweet old man who took such joy in making love to his organ. All the memories and feelings that he had repressed all these years came rushing to the surface and he had this need to discover who and what he was. He was frightened at the prospect but the erection in his pants told him otherwise.

    Then he met Frank by answering an ad. They began corresponding and discovered they liked each other. For a married man, Bill didn't have close friends and neither did Frank who worked crazy hours in order to help his family of three divorced sisters and their kids.

    Frank Treva worked as an auto mechanic in a small town in upstate New York. He was fifty-four and had never married knowing that he was gay since he was a kid. If his family suspected, they never discussed it and he never embarrassed them. He lived in a small house with his dog and two cats. An animal lover, Frank spent more money on bird and animal feed then he did on himself. He fed the skunks, stray dogs and probably a few rabid squirrels. Frank was sexually liberated and Bill enjoyed hooking up with Frank at night and talking.  For Bill it was an education. He marveled at the amount of married men that Frank had sex with. It was a revelation to Bill that there were so many married guys out there that were having gay sex. Were they all gay or was it that their wives never blew them? Frank became his mentor. They talked about their lives, problems, hopes and desires. They became friends and confidants. After months, Bill confided in Frank that he had not had sex with his wife in over ten years. Frank wasn't shocked and told Bill that his story was repeated every day by some guy whose cock he sucked. For most, it wasn't even the sexual part but wanting to know that somebody cared and wanted them. It wasn't only older guys but younger guys as well. Frank told him that maybe Bill's searching had to do with coming to grips with his own homosexuality. Shocked and offended, Bill remembered how angry he had become at Frank for telling him what he already suspected and was wresting with in his mind. Hearing it from somebody else was something that he didn't want to face. Why now was this all coming to the surface at the age of fifty seven?

    Bill pulled off the highway and followed the instructions that Frank had given him. He saw the sign of the large motel on the right and he felt his palms sweating. He looked at his wedding ring and turned into the driveway and spotted Frank's truck and pulled in besides it. Was this what he wanted? Anxious, nervous, excited, horny were words that flooded his brain and he opened the door to his car and got out. He knocked on the door.

    "Come in, it's open." Frank was standing there. He looked exactly as he had described himself. He was short and broad with a large belly. He had graying hair that he wore in a buzz cut and had a small earring in his right ear. He hugged Bill who nervously stood there. "Nervous," he smiled. "Soon, old Frank will have you loosened up." He looked at Bill who stood over six feet tall. "You're tall, I like my men tall."

    "I'm also fat," Bill said and his green eyes sparkled. He had long lashes that women would kill for.

    "Fat, bald, skinny, old, crippled, I don't mind. It's kids and guys that are shorter then me that turn me off." He shrugged. "What can I say? I like men and hopefully today you will find out what your desires are. Here, let me help you with your coat."

    The room was standard motel with a two double beds, a dresser, a few chairs and a television set. Bill put his overnight bag on a chair and Frank laughed. "We have this room booked for the night, not a month. He smiled and his lips were juicy.

    "I wanted to make sure I had enough clothes."

    "So the wife gave you a weekend pass?"

    "No, she's gone to visit an aunt for the weekend. I'm so nervous. I hope that I'm not screwing this up?""

      "Babe, Frank said. "I was so nervous my first time and it was with my brother-in-law, may God rest his soul." He crossed himself. He was after me and one day he caught me jerking off and put his salami into me and "marrone," I was a cooked goose." He patted his ass. "He banged me like I was a whore taking me and fucking the shit out of me. I was nineteen and had never been fucked. He rode me hard and put me away wet. I was sore for days but I loved his sausage in me. Since then my ass needs loving and nobody did it like Joe. Maybe it was the first time. So be nervous. We're friends." He walked up and kissed Bill on the cheek. "Uncle Frank is going to take care of his Bill."

    Bill smiled. He had straight even teeth and a fine nose. He felt comfortable with Frank.

    "Now let me look at you?" Frank said. "You're a big Irish man and I do love Leprechauns."

    "What do I do?" Bill said nervously.

    "Babe, what would you do if I was a woman and you were in a motel cheating on your wife?"

    "I'd kiss you."

    "Bingo. The man is not clue less." Frank came over to Bill and put his arms around his neck and kissed him softly on  both cheeks like a mother would do. Bill's eyes were closed and Frank could feel his tension. Gently, he kissed Bill on the lips and then applied a bit more pressure and he felt Bill respond. He opened his mouth and Frank's tongue darted in and found Bill's tongue waiting. His mouth tasted of mint and they stood in the center of room locked in an embrace, their tongues darting in and out of their mouths. "Was that so bad? Frank said.

    Bill stood there and smiled. "Wow," was all he said.

    "He speaks. Come here."

    Bill did as he was ordered and Frank held him and said. "I'll do nothing to hurt you. I'll love you and if it is not to your liking I'll stop. OK?"  He opened Bill's flannel shirt slowly like a strip teaser and exposed Bills fleshy chest. Bill had a complexion that never tanned but only burned. Frank's hand reached in gently and he ran his hands over Bill's chest feeling the smoothness of his body. His hand found his nipple and he caressed it between the ball of his thumb and kissed Bill's nipple as he played with the other one in his hand. Frank's warm lips on his nipple as he sucked on it gently make Bill quiver. Frank's finger squeezed gently and then a little harder and Bill held Frank's head to his chest as he sucked on one nipple ,then the other and moaned with delight.

    "Those are nice titties you have and they need plenty of loving."

    "I never had that done to me before. I can't believe that my nipples are so sensitive."

    "Did you like it?"

    "I loved it."

    Frank took off Bill's clothes until he was in his jockeys. He was a big, broad man with a belly and his chest was fleshy. Frank led him to the bed and he followed like a puppy dog. Bill watched as Frank undressed. He was smooth as Bill with large nipples that protruded and a belly that was as large as Bill's. A scar ran from his below his chest to his navel and when he took off his shorts he had a large, thick circumcised cock. On it he wore a half inch chrome cock ring. He lay down next to Bill and stroked his hair as Bill's grandmother had done when he was a boy. He held him close and Bill felt the warmth of his body next to him and how he longed for that. Frank's hands were large and beefy but there was a gentleness to his touch as he caressed Bill's face and kissed his lips. Bill was hungry for love and he kissed Frank with passion moving his tongue inside of Frank's lips and holding him tight. His kisses were filled with a hunger and Frank responding giving and getting from Bill what he wanted and needed. Frank had been with many men and he knew how to make a motor run and like the mechanic he was he was going to have this one humming. They kissed for a long time.

    "You sure know how to kiss."

    "I love kissing and holding." He said it and Frank detected bitterness in his voice. "I miss it and I guess I resent the old lady for denying me."

    "Now is not the time. At dinner we will talk about personal problems." He patted the mattress. "Now is the time for your first lessons in loving," he said as he moved down Bill's body tonguing him from his nipples to his belly leaving a trail of his saliva on Bill's body. He kissed and nipped with his lips and Bill responded. He slowly took off Bill's briefs and Bill lifted his hips so they slipped off easily. "Look, what we have here?" and Frank nuzzled his face in the mound of soft hairs of Bills public hair. Bill became erect immediately. It wasn't a large cock but it was what Frank would call a nice one. It would fit into his mouth nicely for loving. Bill was relaxing as Frank went to work. He put his tongue on the head of Bill's cock and licked at it gently. Bill moaned as Frank encircled the head and began to suck slowly at first moving up and down Bill's shaft. For Bill it was thrilling and he rubbed his belly and was squeezing his nipples as Frank's mouth filled with saliva. That was a trick that Frank had learned. The more saliva he secreted the easier it was for him and the better his partners enjoyed it. Bill was purring as Frank's tongue darted and twirled as Bill moved on the bed as Frank made love to him. Bill had large balls and Frank paid special attention to them. He licked the lightly haired surface and Bill cried out as Frank made love to them. His tongue was like hot flames as they licked at his balls and then his cock as he sucked and licked and Bill was crazy with lust and felt an elation that was indescribable. It was the joy of being loved by a man unconditionally and whose only aim was to please him. Frank was an expert, his mouth skilled in pleasure as he licked, sucked fondled and caressed parts of Bill's body that he never knew were sensitive but now each touch was electric shocks of erotic desire. His fingers were strong yet gentle, his mouth wet, his lips juicy as he played on Bill's instrument like a virtuoso.

    Frank knew that he had to bring Bill to a climax. He had to know the joy of cumming and a willing partner to take his love. He sucked on Bill's cock, his big lips firmly on the head and he sucked taking Bill into his mouth and feeling his soft belly with his hands as he wailed away and knew that Bill was getting ready as he begin to whimper, then moan and shouted out, "I'm going to come." Frank had taken many loads into his mouth over the years but the eruption that spewed from Bill filled his mouth and Frank though it would never end as he tasted his sweetness. It was rich and creamy. Bill fell back on the bed and moaned softly as Frank licked the remains that were on Bill's belly.

    "Are you all right?" Frank asked. Bill had his arm covering his face and Frank was concerned that Bill was feeling guilty as many married men did after they came.

    "I'm wonderful." He took Frank's hand and held it. 'It was the best that I ever had. Thank you." There were tears at the corner of his eyes."

    "No, thank you for that wonderful load. I had enough protein for a month." He lay next to Bill and held him. The roundness of Bill's ass warm against him as his hands encircled his belly. "Rest now and later we will learn to please each other."

    "Frank," he said. "I was nervous when I came here. I was afraid that I would find out that I was gay  after all these years. It was something that I had to deal with and I didn't know if I would be able to. I learned something about myself today. I'm gay and wanted to be with a man. I'm not ashamed but feel like a weight has been lifted from me."

    Frank kissed him on the cheek. "Babe, be proud of who you are. Nothing changes. "You're the same man now as your were before only now your orientation is different." He held him tight and they talked until they fell asleep holding each other.

    Dinner with Frank was fun. They ate at a diner that made delicious meat loaf and they sat talking like two old friends. Bill was completely at ease with Frank.

    "Tell me about your brother-in-law?" Bill asked. "He actually fucked you?"

    "Joe." His name brought a smile to Frank's face.  "He was a Damon Runyon character. He was big and round and was a soldier in the mob. A businessman he called himself. Breaking guys legs if they didn't pay what they owed is a businessman." He scrunched up his face. "He never laid a hand on my sister, may she also rest in peace."  I guess he knew that he would have to sleep with his eyes open for the rest of his life if he did. He went to jail. Did a stretch of three to five, He was always after me. One day he tells me that he wanted me to go with him to the country. He was building a house. I knew what he wanted but pretended I didn't have a clue. Remember, I had that sausage and it was quite a sausage and I wanted it again."

    Bill smiled. He loved listening to Frank talk. His was so expressive with his large brown eyes and his hands moving up and down to make a point.

    "We drove to the boonies and talked. Mostly he talked and I listened. No sooner that we were we in the house that he was all over me and out of his shirt." Frank paused to sip his coffee. "He had big titties that were large and round with nipple like somebody had been pulling on them for a year. I just put my lips on them and began sucking on those brown nipples. That stopped him cold. He gasped as I put these juicy," he pointed to his lips, "on those fat succulent nipples. I began to suck away, tonguing and rimming them and I thought he was going to pop. I pulled down his pants and that salami was going to break through his shorts he was so hot."

    Bill felt his erection beginning to grow. "So what happened?"

    "I was on that beautiful piece of meat and he was leaking like a faulty hose on a radiator. I gathered that honey like the good beekeeper that I am. It was big and he had this fleshy hood and I began to suck. I felt like a boa constrictor who unhinged his jaw as I sucked on that sucker like there was no tomorrow. He was moaning and groaning and I was licking his balls and dive bombing into his meat. He lifted his legs and I put my tongue into his ass and he yelled out and he nearly made my face part of his ass, he wanted that tongue so bad. I thought of my poor sister having to fuck this animal. I rimmed him and he was thrashing around. I saw that hole of his slick with my saliva.

    "You didn't" Bill's voice shouted with and realized he was excited and quieted down.

    "I was as hot as he was and I was going to ram my dick into him like he had put it to me."

    "Weren't you afraid?"

    "What was he going to do kill me? What would he tell my sister that I fucked him and he shot me. So I rammed my dick into him and he let out a scream and I rammed him again and I was inside of him. I began to fuck him."

    "Jesus." Bill said and felt his raging hardon.

    "My dick was inside of him and he was wet and he took his hands and spread his cheeks and I began to wail away. Babe, this wasn't loving but lust. I was socking it to him and he was thrusting his hips and ass up to meet my cock. I was so far inside him that I could feel the hairs of my balls against his ass. He was moaning, groaning and calling out my name as I plowed him. I was on fire and I was pitching and he was catching and stroking that big piece of meat as I held his beefy hips and rode him hard. I tell you it was so fucking hot. We were both sweating and I knew that I couldn't hold out much longer but I wanted to stay inside of him forever. He had these big round buns and he sure knew how to move his ass. Somebody must have been fucking him in prison because that night he taught me tricks as he was rocking and rolling. I knew that he was going to cum as he clamped down on my cock and he began to whimper like a small boy and he got louder as he stroked that salami. I was pounding away at him and he cried out, "Sweet Mother," and exploded a stream of juice that hit me on the chest and face. I was so crazy with lust that I thrust it into him and he kept spurting spunk all over me and I came inside of him. We were drenched in sweat. I pulled out of him ready to face the consequences."

    "Was he crazy with anger?" Bill felt himself leaking.

    "He jumped off the bed and kissed me long and hard. That was the only time he ever kissed me. Then he grabbed my hand and led me into the shower. That night he fucked me but this time he did it with love. The crazy thing is that we carried on for years and I know he loved my sister. He also had a mistress. He was a piece of work and I miss him."

    "My dick is so hard I can't get up."

    Frank laughed. "By the time we get the check, you'll be fine and then it's time for phase two of your lessons."

    Bill smiled and winked at Frank. "Thanks for being the pal that you are."

    "Tell me that after tonight."

    The moment the door to the motel room was shut, Frank had Bill pinned against the door kissing him, his lips and hands all over him. He undressed Bill and then himself, and like the Judas goat led him into the bathroom and Bill followed. For some reason, the shower stall was big and easily accommodated two large people. The water was just right as Frank began to soap Bill with a special liquid soap that he had brought up with him. It was creamy and silky smooth on Bill's body as Frank soaped Bill's chest and genitals. Bill felt himself getting erect as the water relaxed him and Frank's hands played with his cock as he kissed him. It was something that Bill had fantasized about as they kissed long and sensuously holding each other close. The soap added another dimension to their love making. The slipperiness of the soap as they rubbed against each other was fantastic. Bill felt Frank's hand washing his ass and felt his fingers as they were inserted inside of him. He held Frank close as Frank's finger moved within him and as their bellies rubbed together and they kissed, Bill thought he was going to pop in the shower stall. Frank gently moved first one finger and then another and Bill enjoyed the sensation never believing that he would. This was a night for firsts for him and he never thought that he would ever kiss a man let alone have him insert fingers into his ass. It was a chore for him to have a rectal exam with his internist and here Frank was probing his ass and he was loving the feeling. They kissed as the water cascaded over them, their tongues tasting each other and Bill was breathless from it all.

    They dried themselves off and got into bed and held each other close for a long time not speaking but their hands caressing each other. They kissed and it was warm, then passionate and Bill was ready.

    "How do you feel about sucking a man's cock? Are you game?"

    "I've let you put your fingers up my ass, I think I can handle a cock."

    "Good." He kissed Bill with a tenderness that Bill responded to knowing that Frank was bringing him out slowly and making sure that this was what he wanted to do. "Pleasing your partner is probably more important sometimes then your own enjoyment. If they are pleased, the reciprocation is tenfold. I ain't no fucking philosopher but I know men. Now get between my legs."

    Bill did as he was told and looked at Frank's meat and balls and he felt himself getting hard. The cock ring gleamed in the dim lighting.

    "That's it babe, look at it and hold it lightly letting your partner know that what awaits him is going to be very special. My cock is soft but you looking at it and in a way and don't laugh, worshiping it will get me or any guy hard in seconds.  Look at the head. There is a word for it in Latin, that I don't remember that  but it means acorn. If you look it really does. That, my friend is where we are going to direct our attention. A cock may be too big to get it all into your mouth but never fear. Hold the shaft firmly where you feel comfortable and then put the dick in your mouth. Now before you do, give me a kiss. "

    They kissed long and hard and Bill felt the thrill of love. He quickly moved down Frank's body but had learned from Frank and licked at his nipples with the tip of his tongue making circles as he took it into his mouth and began to suck. Frank's nipples were large and Bill's mouth clamped down on them at first gently and heard Frank moan as he played with them. He snaked down his body planting kisses, touching his belly and genitals with his hand as he was once again between Frank's legs. He spread Frank's legs apart and put the tip of his tongue on the head and opened him mouth. He had his hand on the shaft just under the head not knowing or sure of how he would react. This was breaking new ground for him and he was terrified and yet an elation swelled within him as his mouth encircled Frank's cock and he began to suck. The   head of Frank's cock felt like velvet against his tongue as he moved slowly fearing that he could or would scrap Frank's cock with his teeth. He moved up and down on the head and Frank was moaning with pleasure as Bill took more into his mouth. The sensation of sucking a man's cock was enjoyable and hearing Frank's reaction spurred him on. He moved up and down the shaft but concentrated on the head and licked the underside of the head where the head is attached to the shaft and Frank cried out with joy.

    "That's it baby, it feels so good."

    Bill filled his mouth with Frank's meat carefully taking it in so he wouldn't gag and when he was comfortable began to lick and suck as he moved down to Frank's balls. He licked at it and then the cock and Bill's dick was so hard and he was leaking like a broken faucet. He wanted Frank to cum, wanted to taste what a man's load tasted like. As he licked Frank's balls, Frank played with himself. Bill feared that he wasn't doing a good job but Frank eagerly let him put his lips back on his cock. Now with more determination he sucked at first slowly until he established a rhythm and then faster as he took more and more of Frank's cock into his mouth, his tongue twirling around Frank's head. Frank was sweating as Bill sucked now with a joy and pleasure knowing that he would soon make Frank cum. His mouth was on fire as he licked and sucked and felt Frank tense and heard him shout, "Oh, sweetheart," and then felt the load as he came into Bill's mouth. He prayed he didn't gag and he didn't but instead tasted sweetness as Frank's filled him with his love. Bill held it in his mouth savoring it, then swallowed it and looked up with a smile that lit up the room.

    "Thank you babe," Frank said and kissed him. The taste of Frank's cum lingered in Bill's mouth and he wanted more of it.

    Bill spooned Frank's back as they lay there and Frank began to rub his ass against Bill's cock. His dick jumped to attention and Frank wanted him inside him. He took a rubber from his kit on the end table and a lubricant and reached back and massaged Bill's dick until it was lubricated. Then, he inserted the lubricant into his ass until he was satisfied. He put the rubber carefully on Bill and made sure the air was out and kissed him. "Remember the story I told you about Joe. Well now we're going to do it but nice and slow and you are going to learn the pleasure that awaits you for making Uncle Frank cum. Bill was sweating and he didn't know if he could put it into Frank without cumming right away. Frank took Bill's dick and held it. It was throbbing as he guided it into his ass. Bill pushed on Frank's command and he felt it slide inside of him. It was the most incredible feeling as it inched into Frank's ass and Frank began to move with Bill.

    "That's it, you're doing fine. Oh, yes, make love to me." Frank lifted his legs and spread his cheeks as Bill moved within him and the thrill had him on edge as he made love slowly to his ass. He thought of his wife who lay there and he felt Frank under him calling out his name and telling him how wonderful he was and he moved faster as Frank moved his hips and ass to take his thrusts.
    "Come on babe, give it to me, yes, sweetheart, oh, darling, it feels so good."

    Words, but to Bill they meant the world. He was bringing pleasure and joy to his partner and to himself. Frank's ass was tighter then any pussy that he ever had and he felt the thrill as he moved inside this man who wanted his love, cried out for his love as Bill stroked faster and faster. Frank tightened his ass muscles on Bill's dick and he was a goner and cried out, "Oh, Frank," and came inside of him." It was a feeling that he wanted over and over as pulled out covered with sweat.

    "I knew that you would enjoy it." He kissed Bill and held him. They cleaned up and lay in each others arms and Bill fell asleep with a smile on his face.

    "Frank kissed him softy on the forehead as he slept and knew that Bill was going to be fine.